COLLABORATE WITH US! We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people.


J.ING LIMITED is campaigning for the innovative problem solvers, the inspirational ideologists and the daring experimentalists, in the pool of emerging ready-to-wear design talent, on both a national and international scale. We’re currently seeking creative up and coming designers, fashion bloggers and creative thinkers to collaborate with us on J.ING Creates Exclusives.

 J.ING Creates Exclusives gives you the rare opportunity to brainstorm with our talented L.A team and join forces with our international production headquarters, to create a limited-run RTW piece, developed entirely from your very own original designs! Sold on our online boutique, you’ll have your say in every detail, from stitch formation to embellishment placement and you’ll earn yourself commission on every ‘Creates Exclusive’ item sold. 

Want the opportunity to engage with our international team, gain first hand designer production experience, have a hand in producing an exclusive item, plus commission earning potential?

Submit a mini bio, your resume, portfolio and your design ideas to info@jinglimited.com .  

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate bloggers and influencers to engage and collaborate with! We’re dyeing to hear your ideas, design feedback and concept suggestions. With commission earning opportunities; get in touch at info@jinglimited.com 


J.ING-ON-ME Program 

J.ING -ON-ME is created for you, by you and features you! Every J.ING Limited collection is inspired with you in mind, and we love hearing your thoughts, reading your feedback and seeing you represent J.ING Limited!

Feature us on your social media (FaceBook and Instagram) with a witty caption and a well-lit picture, wearing your coveted J.ING pieces and tag us at #jinglimited. We’ll feature our top posts of the week and publish your snaps on J.ING-ON-ME; giving you the opportunity to share your style and be rewarded with a $25 store credit into your personal account. 

Simply contact us once you’ve posted and if selected we’ll automatically credit your account. Have a unique story to tell? Tell us a little about yourself, and you’ll have the chance to be interviewed for our online magazine, J.ING Edits as well! Contact us at info@jinglimited.com.


Membership Reward Program 


Sign up for our membership, and you will earn brand loyalty points for every purchase you make at J.ING LIMITED. These points are accumulated at each time and will keep going up. The loyalty points that associate with different membership tiers have different discount benefits. The discount can be used every time you shop with us.


           1USD = 1Point 

Membership   Points      Discount Benefit

Silver         2,000      3% off each time 

Gold          5,000      5% off each time

Platinum      10,000      7% off each time

Notice: points are accumulated automatically at each your purchase. It keeps going up and never expires. Yes! One more good reason to shop at J.ING LIMITED!

Policy for Loyalty Point 

Loyalty point can only be used online at our website.

Benefits of your loyalty point cannot be used with any other discounts at the same time. 

Loyalty point never expires.

Loyalty point is provided in U.S. Dollars (order made in other countries will be calculated into USD.)

Your use of loyalty point constitutes your agreement to our agreement.


Please note: all commission mentioned above is out of the product’s profit but not its price.